Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cartier love

I have always been in love with the Cartier LOVE series.... The love bangle especially. In the past 5 years, I was tempted to get it for a few times but in the end I didn't cos I wanted it to be given by my husband ( I wasn't married back then). A LOVE to be screwed on by him and you cannot take it off by yourself!! Isn't that romantic?

Well.. I am turning 30 next year.. Not sure if my husband will get me a love bangle then but for now I will be content with my little love necklace in RG.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Chanel collections

Here is my little Chanel Collection. A few of my Chanel members are looking for a good home. For more details, please read the below.


09A M/L Caviar Red Flap with ghw (SOLD)

09A M/L Caviar Blue Flap with ghw

09 Classic Black Reissue 226 with ghw

 08 Grey Metallic Reissue 227 with shw * Looking for a good home

11 Taupe Patent Jumbo with shw (double flap)* Looking for a good home

07 Classic Black Lambskin Jumbo with shw (single flap) * Looking for a good home

09A Red Caviar Jumbo with ghw (single flap) 

08P Python Patent Timeless Clutch * Looking for a good home

Please email me if you're interested.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Goodbye Chanel .. I will miss you

It is kinda sad that I am going to let go these two Chanels. The Black Lambskin Jumbo was my very FIRST Chanel!! I still remember how excited I was when I got it for Christmas back in 2007 during the trip to Sydney. The grey-ish purple-ly metallic Reissue 227 was my second Chanel.. my heart skipped a beat when I saw it on the shelves in Chanel Hong Kong.

 I am still not sure if these are the two I should let go out of my 6 flaps..(pic showing below, the M/L red flap is gone already). To be honest I really wanted to keep them all... but I am no longer working, I am now a full time mum. I am really trying to make myself let go of some of my bags if I wanted to get a new one. I guess that will make me think twice or three times before I buy something in an impulse.

Anyways here are the two Chanels I think I will let go, for the metallic 227 and Black lambskin jumbo. Let me know if youre interested!!
A reminder - the metallic Reissue is with double flap and the black lambskin is with a single flap. Chanel has only reintroduced double flap to their classic jumbos since 2011.

Pic of my Chanel family pic:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My third H love

After having a Birkin and a Kelly... I realized I am loving Kelly more because of the shoulder strap. Looking through people's blog and here at tpf, a bag has started creeping on me... At first I thought it looks very mature but now I just cannot stop dreaming about it. Can you guess what it is?
Yes its a bolide!! I wanted a winter bag and since my Kelly is in gold, I decided to get a black one this time and it has to be in size 35 and ghw!! So I took the plunge and called all the stores here in Hong Kong....
There is only 1 available in Hk, it's in black but it's a 31. I'm disappointed but still went in to take a look cos I havnt seen it in real life..
I went into the store.. Tried it on.. Thinking for a 31 it doesn't look small at all it looks perfect.. And it's with ghw... In the end guess what? The SA made a mistake it's actually a 35!! In black + Clemence+ ghw!!!! It's the exact one I'm looking for!!!

So here's a reveal of my black Bolide! I'm just so excited!

Monday, July 9, 2012

My latest obsession!!

Ever since I saw these pictures from the web.. I cant take my mind off ones of these Hermes Bangles "clic clac"
Particularly love the combination in the first picture.. A white ghw clic clac matching with the famous Cartier LOVE bangle. The white clic clac looks so elegant so I had to take it home when I saw it in the store! Hoping one day.. my DH will get me a love bangle to go with it :)

Hermes Clic Clac with white enamel and gold hardware
I wore my return to tiffany gold bracelet to go with it.. looks pretty cute too right? hhehehee Im pretty happy for now :) (but still dreaming for my Cartier LOVE)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodbye and say hello to......

Being a mum, I find I hardly have any chance to use my medium flaps. Maybe because I feel that I'm bigger than I used to be so the bag is looking a bit small on me. Or Maybe because I feel older and less chic cos I hardly dress up anymore for dinners. With my DS all I wanted is comfort clothes...At the moment I am always using my Bottega Veneta- veneta hobo bag. It's easy, I just dump everything I need into it like Wallet, hand lotion, tissue, umbrella, keys and a bottle of water...  BV uses quite soft leather so I kinda feel bad trashing my bag like that..

In summary, I find myself in need of a big casual bag.. As a Chanel lover.. Of cos Chanel would be the first brand I looked into.... GST seems like a good choice but it's a bit too boxy and looks mature on me... Don't really want a seasonal bag either cos I always regret on seasonal designs......then I saw this tote bag... Which kinda looks like a GST.. Has quite a few compartments... Not as square and boxy.... It has all the classics elements.... They call it a Timeless Tote..

I liked it so without much thinking I took it home with me:)

What do u think? Looks good on me? Chic still? Mature? Love to know ur comments :)
Goodbye 09A m/l flap ..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day out with my Kelly and Baby :)

It has been a long time from my last post... Been really busy with my little one... Now that he is sleeping through the night from 11-6 ( well... Most of the nights) ... I now have abit more energy during the day to do more things apart from sleep+Sean+sleep+Sean. So yesterday... It was Sean's 100 day birthday... I took him out to do a little shopping and managed to have afternoon tea :)